Hi, I'm Jenna!

Nice to meet you.

Thanks so much for visiting 2027, my home on the little interwebs to share my crafty endeavors, decorating projects, and random other tidbits of my life.

10 Fun Facts About Me:
(Okay, so I'm not sure how "fun" they are, but they are facts!)

1)  I'm in my late twenties.

2)  I attended Appalachian State University, where I got a BS in Graphic Arts.

3)  I'm married to my college sweetheart, Steven.

4)  We have 3 fur-babies:  Two kitties, Abbie and Maggie, and one puppy, Sadie.

5)  I live in western North Carolina, in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

6)  There's only one food I don't like, and it's really not even a food.  It's a condiment: mustard.  Blech!

7)  I have a full-time job as a nanny but I have big dreams to make meeeeeeellions off this little blog.  Okay, so I'd really just like to make enough to retire.  Okay okay, FINE, I'd be happy if it paid for a project or two. *subliminal message alert* Click on my ads! *subliminal message over*

8)  I'm very competitive.  I never played sports growing up or anything, but you don't even want to mess with me on game night.  Oh, and I'm the master at Pictionary.  And Catch Phrase.  I have this uncanny sense of logic and reasoning.  It's my one claim to fame.

9)  Must.have.coffee.  Every morning.  You don't want to mess with me if I missed my morning java.

10)  I love Disney.  My future kids will be Disney-aholics.  Can't get enough Mickey!

So I hope you will stick around a while and see what my little blog is all about.  Be sure to visit my Project Gallery to see what I've been up to.

Please stay in touch via e-mail (2027designs@gmail.com), Facebook, and Pinterest!  Oh, and I'm on Twitter too (@jenna2027blog), although I don't tweet nearly enough.

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