Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Braided T-shirt Necklace

Y'all.  I am so thrilled with how simple and easy this craft was!  It literally took less than 10 minutes and now I have a cutie patootie necklace.  Scarf?  I'm calling it a necklace.

Inspired by this pin:

1.  Gather your supplies:  Hubby's old t-shirt, rotary cutter (optional), scissors.  Yep, that's it.

2.  Lay your t-shirt out flat.

3.  Cut off bottom hem.

4.  Cut 12 1/2" strips (just eyeball it - no need for perfection).

5.  Cut one end of each strip so you have long strips of fabric instead of big loops.

6.  Pull each strip tightly so the fabric curls in on itself.

7.  Then you should have a big pile!

8.  Gather all the strips together and tie a knot in one end.

9.  Separate the strips into 3 groups of 4.

10.  Braid the strips until you have about 10" of braid, then tie another knot to secure.

11.  Determine how long you want your necklace, then loop the unbraided end around and tie it onto the braid.  (If you want the necklace to lay more flat on your neck, you can hot glue the ends together then hot glue a square of fabric on top to disguise the glue.)

12.  Cut the excess fabric as close to the knots as possible.  That's it!

Easy and super cute, right?



Reduce, Reuse, Renewed said...

What a unique and fun necklace!

Laura said...

Jenna, that necklace is so cute and looks great on your yellow shirt. I just love t-shirt yarn, the possibilities are truly endless.

Melanie @ Mailbox Journey said...

LOVE IT! Seems so simple too.

Chrissy + Nate said...

Cute and simple! Great work!

Suzanne Bruce said...

I have seen this.... You make it look so simple.... I am going to try and if its an epic fail... I'm coming back to you!!!

Simply Domestic said...

Very cute!

Gail Wilson said...

great tute! the braided t necklace looks fabulous!
catching you!

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon said...

Such a cute necklace! Thanks for sharing with us this week at Monday Funday!

Take care,


Jill said...

Beautiful - and lovely clear photos to show how it's made too!
I would love if you came and linked this project to my clothes upcycling project page. It has a long term linky, so your project would stay there for more than just the week of a usual linky. We have over 400 projects linked up now – some fantastic ideas.
Do come and take a look!

Linda said...

Easy peasy! We are doing these for our church bazaar. Love it!

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