Friday, August 31, 2012

Fingernail Friday: Charlie Brown?

TGIF and Happy Labor Day Weekend!  We're heading east for the first ASU football game of the season so I thought I'd give my nails a little black & gold spirit.

I painted my nails yellow last night, then this morning, I cut a piece of tape with some decorative scissors and placed it on the bottom half of my nail.

A coat of black on the tips, and voila!

Then I started thinking... this looks less like ASU spirit and more like Charlie Brown...

No matter, I still like it!  My thumbs got the chevron treatment, while the rest of my nails just got black on the tips.

Do you guys have any plans this weekend?  Oh, and has this been the longest summer EVER?  Seriously, it seems like I've been wearing shorts for 6 months now and I'm sick of it.  Bring on the boots and sweaters!


shaggysheephome said...

Oval such a big fan of Charlie brown, especially around the holdiays. I going to do this tonight with my sister. I think it will help me get in the fall mind set. I also cant wait for the cool weather!!

Anonymous said...

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