Friday, May 4, 2012

Operation Craft Room: Some Gallery Wall Progress!

TGIF!  I spent the whole morning finishing up packing for our big trip - Hawaii here we come!  I just need to throw together a carry-on bag (with all of our entertainment devices - laptop, iPad, iPods, Kindle, you get the idea) and I'll be done!  Yoo to the hoo.

I'm working feverishly to schedule some posts for next week, but to be honest with you, I may run out of time.  You can expect at least two (more if I can get to them), but I'm sure there will be a deluge of Hawaii recap posts to share when I return!  In the meantime, I hope you guys have a fantastic week, and try not to be too jealous. ;)

So, now for the reason you're all here... I made some progress on my gallery wall!  The last time we visited my craft room, I had added the State Love Canvas.  Now, I'm sure you guys won't believe this, but I filled FOUR canvases and a frame today, plus I hung something new and finally finished a major fail!  I think that's some sort of record.

I thought it was about time to add some photos to this somewhat impersonal wall.  I picked up these bottle caps when we were in Pigeon Forge a couple months ago at a Coca-Cola antiques store.  Yes, all they had was Coke stuff... it was very cool.

I hot glued them around one of the canvases and popped a photo of me and Steven in the middle (using glue dots so it's easily changeable if I feel the urge).

I thought I needed some typography on this wall.  I've seen this quote around the blogosphere and I just love the message.

I designed it in Photoshop and had it printed as an 8 x 10 at Sam's Club.  In case you love fonts as much as I do, they are as follows:
She:  Mr. and Mrs. Popsicle (same as my post titles)
Believed:  Scribble Box (don't you just love this one?)
She Could:  Pea Aimee
So She Did:  Cry Kitty (same as "two" in my header)

Next up, remember this red "hello" fail?

Yeah, still haven't fixed the black and teal fail.

Well, I finally got around to spraying the frame black, and it looks so.much.better.

I got the frame at Goodwill and cut a piece of cork (leftover from my cork board) to fit.  Then I took some foam board that I had laying around, traced "hello" onto it (using a print-out), and cut the word out with an Xacto.  Then I just wrapped the whole thing in yarn (took forever by the way), and there you have it.  Why did I choose "hello," you ask?  Well, that's a very good question.  I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere on Pinterest.  Oh, and the reason I can't remember is because this "hello" has been finished since before Christmas.  Why, yes, I am a slacker.

The next one was easy.  I had this photo of my cousin and my mom from our Disney trip last summer, so I printed it and plopped it in this frame.

So there you have it:  One side of the gallery wall spruced up with four new items!

Now onto the other side.  If you remember, my package pal made this embroidery hoop J for me, so I hung it up.  Couldn't really get easier than that.  :)

We have a theme park close to us in the mountains of North Carolina where I spent countless weekends as a child.  When Steven and I were putting together a slideshow of baby pictures for our rehearsal dinner four and a half years ago, we came across these images of us, both taken there:

Me with my grandmother (top) and Steven with his mom.  I think it's such a cute coincidence, so I had to include them somewhere.  These photos are copies, not the originals, which are safely tucked away in a box somewhere.

So there's the left side of the wall, enhanced with a couple new photos and a monogram J.

See that completely black canvas at the bottom?  That's the black and teal fail - I finally at least took the yarn off and painted the whole thing black.  Now what I'll do with it, I have no idea.

Oh, and I added a cute little owl (he's actually a tea light holder) in one of the shadow boxes.  He may get some spray paint love or he might find a new home, but he just fit so perfectly there so I had to leave him for a while.

Let's talk really quickly about what still needs to be done to this wall:
Fill 8 more canvases
Fill 2 frames
Find some cute display items for the 3 shadow boxes
Spray paint oak frame
Spray paint gold mirror

Well, that's really not so bad!  It's almost done!

Okay, folks, I'm OUTTA HERE.  Have a fantastic week!

Oh, I just heard that they recently came out with Instagram for Android, so I'm trying to get my firmware updated so I can download it and keep you guys updated on our Hawaiian vacation (my phone is a year and half old now, which feels ancient by phone standards!).  I'll let you guys know on the Facebook page if I get it and what my username is!  If for some reason I can't get it to download to my phone, I'll highjack Steven's iPhone and use his Instagram.  Check Facebook for updates!


Marilyn Clark said...

Your gallery is looking awesome! So colorful and gorgeous. Also,I love your vintage coke bottle caps!

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