Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi howdy hey! It's another week of WIWW and yet again, I failed at taking pictures.  I only have two for you today.  You can boo me if you like.

Day: Sunday
Where: Walmart & some Christmas shopping
I felt like I was heading out to do a little horseback riding in the countryside with this ensemble.  I'm deathly afraid of horses (bad childhood experience), so this outfit is as close as I'll ever get to going riding.
Blazer: Polo Ralph Lauren
Turtleneck and jeans: Gap
Boots: Target

Day: Monday
Where: Work
Shirt: Kristin Davis for Belk
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Target

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Kristen Duke Photography said...

love the boots! I need to get better jeans to tuck my boots into...they bunch too much.

Marilyn said...

Loving your boots :)))

Shannon Olson said...

I love your first look with the boots and the jacket, very stylish!
I also wanted to share that I am doing a giveaway
over on my blog , hope you join in =)

Shellsea said...

You look great. I really like the color of that top. I've never heard of Belk- I'll have to look it up!

Molly said...

Love your boots! I clicked on you from WIWW because of your boots and I just quickly scrolled down to leave a comment but decided to go back and read. So funny you talked about horses. I thought you looked like a horse rider, but i guess not! ;)

Merry Christmas!

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