Friday, December 19, 2014

diy snowman wreaths

I have a cute {easy} {cheap} {fun} Christmas craft for you today!

On Black Friday, my mom and I were out shopping (obviously) and happened to pop into A.C. Moore where they had boxes and boxes of faux wreaths in all different sizes for like, suuuper cheap.

I was trying to think of a reason I might need lots of wreaths in different sizes, when I thought of those snowman wreaths that I've seen around the blogosphere!

DUH! I could totally do that and it would be so totally easy.

And it was.

Here's how:

Since I have french doors, all my supplies are doubled, but if you only have one door, then you only need one snowman. (Every time I try to type snowman, I type smownan instead... weird.)

Anywho, grab faux (or real!) wreaths in 3 different sizes.  You'll also need floral wire, wire cutters and velvet ribbon.

I think the smallest wreath was $1 and the largest was $3?  The ribbon was $4 and I already had the wire and wire cutters.

Grab your smallest wreath (the head) and your middle wreath, turn them upside down and put them as close together as you can.

Take your floral wire and wrap it around both wreath forms tightly so they are secured together.

Repeat to wire the middle wreath to the bottom wreath.

Now your snowman needs a scarf.  Cut a length of ribbon about 3-ish yards long and tie it around ol' Frosty's neck.

If you want (and why wouldn't you because it's super cute?), cut the ribbon on the end so it looks like fringe.

Grab a wreath hanger and hang your cute snowman wreath by the head!

Adorable, right?  If you wanted, you could also get crafty and add a top hat (made out of felt, perhaps?), and a carrot nose.  My simplistic version took maybe 10 minutes for both of them.

I didn't do much stoop decorating this year and just kept it simple with my new wreaths and a cute personalized {snowman} sled.

Have a great last weekend before Christmas!

{Wait, what?  Ahhhhhhh!}

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas in the Master

It's not often that I decorate our bedroom.  In fact, it's looked pretty much the same since we moved in 7 years ago.  I did get a new duvet a couple years ago, and a new lamp before Sydney was born, buuuut, that's it.  I guess it's that we don't spend a lot of time in there.  Really, any time other than when we're sleeping.  It's just not at the top of my decorating priority list.

Anyway, all that to say that I put a few Christmas touches in there this year.  Cue the hallelujah chorus!

Of course, my helper had to be in all the photos.

The "Joy to the World" pillow came from SteinMart.  Have you ever looked at the Christmas quilts/sheets/etc. that they have every year?  I went there to get a Christmas quilt, but of course the one they had that I LOVED last year wasn't there this year and none that they had really spoke to me, so I guess I'll see what they have next year.  But I did pick up this cute shimmery pillow which brings in a pop of Christmasy red.

I got the wreath at the Southern Christmas Show.  I wanted to put it somewhere that I would see it everyday (i.e. not outside) and we already had a nail here beside the bed and it seemed to be the right size so I went with it.

For some reason, I have mad lovey dovey feelings for this wreath.  The fruit is fuzzy white, the pinecones are snow dusted and the greenery is perfection AND it was only $25.  I consider that a steal for such a BEAUTIFUL wreath.

I also brought in a checked throw that normally lives on the sofa in the living room.

Just a few things that make our bedroom a little more festive for the season!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello and happy Friday to you!  This week has been a crazy one.  Sydney is sick with a stomach bug AND ear infection, which has meant two days off from daycare and lots of baby shuffling!  I'm just glad it's [finally] the weekend!

I have a very specific criteria when it comes to getting teacher gifts:  It Has to Be Useful.

I'm sure Mrs. So-and-So has enough crayon monograms and cute Christmas mugs to last a lifetime, so I like to make sure that what I'm getting is disposable so she can use it and toss it!

Soap always comes in handy (especially yummy smelling Mrs. Meyers Basil). And I love anything in the fragrance family - including my new obsession: plug-in Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works (okay okay, she can't really throw the plug-in away, but who would want to?!).  They make your whole house smell lovely (we have 4, but who's counting?) and I just love walking in from the garage and smelling whatever scent is plugged in instead of whatever we had for dinner last night.  For some reason, my house hangs on to smells for a long time, so anything that can remedy that problem is a win in my book!  Wallflowers aren't the cheapest thing in the world, but with a coupon and some BBW promotions, I got this entire gift for $10.  Not too shabby.

I rounded up a few more useful gift ideas for any teachers/neighbors/friends that you need to buy for this season!

EOS lip balm + cute printable = adorable

A teacher can never have too much hand sanitizer, amiright?

Anything felt is guaranteed to be adorable. This apple-shaped gift card ornament (talk about triple duty!) fits the bill to a tee.

Just looking at this gift makes me want to go out and get some Peppermint Foot Lotion. I'm sure any teacher would love to get a gift to pamper herself over the holidays!

Sweet treats are always a hit.  After reading about these mini donuts, I'm convinced I need a mini donut maker.  Did you hear that, Santa?

This is just a store bought candle (from Bath & Body Works, where else?) tied up in the trendy deco mesh ribbon, accented with ornaments.  What a beautiful package!

Have a great weekend, friends!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

9 months

Our girl is NINE months old!

I just love watching her learn new things all the time.

Her new skill?  Feeding herself puffs.  She LOVES them and is getting so good at getting them in her mouth.  It's pretty cute to watch, too.  Also, she always uses her left hand to feed herself.  I think we may have a leftie on our hands.

Oh and she finally, finally holds her own bottle.  Like, she can tilt it all the way up to get the milk out.  Gah, how did we make such a smart baby? ;)

We think she's cutting two more teeth on the top.  Two teeth is cute, but 4 teeth is cuter, amiright?

She's not all that interested in the Christmas decor, but apparently watching cars drive up and down the street is endlessly entertaining.  We were outside watching Steven put up the Christmas lights, but she was more interested in watching the road.  Oh, and don't even get her started on watching people and their dogs!

She is a fast crawler, especially when it's bath time.  She crawls from her room to the bathroom at WARP speed, pulls up onto the tub and bounces up and down until I get her in.  That girl loves her baths!  (and chewing on the wash cloth.)

I'm so excited for her first Christmas!  She won't really know what's going on, but I'm going to pretend that she does.  It won't be long before we'll be baking Christmas cookies together and watching The Polar Express.  How is she already 9 months old?

I've probably said this before, but the older she gets, the more fun she is.  Don't get me wrong, I've loved every stage of her short little life, but now that she's more mobile and her personality is developing, it's so fun to watch!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Fall is exciting.

It brings cooler temperatures, the best fashion accessories (scarves and boots - I'm talking to you!), and anticipation of the holiday season ahead.

While Thanksgiving is easy to overlook, I think it's important to stop and think about how lucky we truly are.  The freedoms we have in this country.  The privilege that we take for granted.  How each day we live to walk the Earth is a gift from God.  Since having Sydney (almost 9 months ago now!), I've been able to truly reflect on this gift of life that I've been given.  Not only hers, but mine as well.  

If you follow me on Instagram (seriously, go follow me: @jenna2027), you'll notice that I've been doing some hand lettering, just for fun.  This Thankful illustration I did turned out pretty cute, so I thought I'd share it with you!  You can right click on any of the images below to save as and use them however you want!

What are you thankful for?  Anyone else addicted to the Hallmark Channel and its endless supply of cheesy holiday movies?!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A little fall

I've been meaning to post some photos of Fall around our house, but you know, life and stuff.

I'm kinda digging my fall mantel this year.  I used this tutorial to create it and it literally took 30 minutes.  I used a genuinely old book (an old Reader's Digest from a thrift store) rather than the aging method she used, but other than that, I followed her instructions.  I think it turned out so cute and FLUFFY. (name that movie)

Oh, and I threw some gourds in a wicker bowl and called it a day.

Yeah, so I didn't do a ton of fall decorating this year.  In fact, I didn't even pull out the Halloween bins. I'm attributing that to the fact that our house has to stay showing-ready at all times and I figured that a bunch of black paper mice scurrying along the baseboards probably doesn't do that much for resale value.  Yes, our house is still on the market.  No, no offers yet.  Crossing our fingers that it happens soon!

Monday, October 27, 2014

8 Months

Miss Sydney was 8 months old last Tuesday!  She is the absolute light of our lives.  I really don't know what we did before she was in the world.

You know, raising children is such a huge responsibility.  I always knew this in an abstract sort of way,  but as I was rocking her to sleep last night (unsuccessfully, I might add), it really and truly hit me.  This little 16-pound person is my responsibility.  And Steven's, of course.  The person she will become relies hugely on how we mold and shape her and teach her and love her.

After these heavy thoughts, we sang "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.  

I don't know why that's relevant.  I guess it's not.  It's just that this is us now.  Caring for a tiny human, singing to her and telling her daily just how much we love her.  Then singing Circle of Life or My Favorite Things or reciting Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from memory.  

Anyway, on with her 8 Month update!

The biggest development of her 8th month was her TWO TEETH.  She has two of them now.  As in, more than one.  When she cut her first tooth, she ran a 102ยบ fever and had to stay out of daycare for a day.  Of course, the pediatrician says that there is no correlation between a fever that high and teething, but there was nothing else wrong with her so I tend to believe that it was the cause.  It was a little scary and poor girlie was in pain, but as soon as it popped through, she was fine!  The second tooth went off without a hitch.  Not even a moment of fussiness and no fever at all.  So crazy.

She is still crawling and pulling up like crazy.  No first steps yet, but she's trying!

She says dadadadadadadada, but doesn't know what it means, even though Steven answers her every time she says it.  Still no mama, unfortunately.

We are looking forward to Halloween on Friday and seeing our girl as the cutest little pumpkin there ever was!

Have a great Monday, y'all!

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