Wednesday, September 17, 2014

life lately

I don't have anything huge to share today.

In fact, I don't really have much to share at all.

Life has been moving right along in my world.

We took Sydney to her first App State football game.

Then we went to the beach.

By the way, a vacation with a baby isn't really a vacation.  I had it easier once I got back to work… whew!

We've been married for 7 years now and Steven bought me this beautiful Lisa Leonard necklace to mark the occasion.

We bought Sydney a set of alphabet blocks, because we figure every kid needs some.

Oh, and she's sitting, crawling and pulling up on things now.  We went into her room on Sunday (when she was supposed to be napping), and she was STANDING in her crib.  STANDING, y'all.  We promptly lowered the crib mattress so she couldn't tumble out.  She went from barely sitting to sitting, crawling, and now STANDING in the span of 2-ish weeks.

Our house is still for sale.  We haven't had a showing in over a month now and are starting to get anxious about it.  I would love to start thinking about our new house but it's really hard when we're going to be stuck in our current house indefinitely.  I don't want to get too antsy for the NEXT BIG THING so I'm just trying to be chill.

Instead, I'm thinking about Syd's first birthday party (only 6 months away - I need to get started!), and a couple of gifts that I need to DIY.  If only I could make time to go to Hobby Lobby.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

6 months

Our baby girl was 6 months old yesterday!

She's *almost* sitting up unassisted and I'll be surprised if she's not crawling all over the place this time next month!  She gets up on her hands and knees and tries SO hard, but just can't quite master it.  She's eating rice cereal for breakfast at daycare every morning and drinks mostly formula now, which is honestly freeing.  Breastfeeding was great and I loved it, but it was hard too.  She wears size 3-6 month clothes now, FINALLY.  No teeth yet, but she chews on anything and everything, so maybe soon.  Sydie is such a morning person, it's unbelievable.  She's at her best when she first wakes up.  I have NO idea where she gets that from, because her mama and daddy are not like that at all.  In fact, at about 4:30 the other morning, she decided it was time to wake up so she rolled over and gave us the biggest giggle ever.  It was adorable, but we were too exhausted to truly appreciate it - ha!  Oh yeah, she's still sleeping in our room because she wakes 1-2 times a night still.  Hopefully she will drop those night feeds soon and we can transition her to her crib.  I have to say that even when she does sleep for long stretches (she has slept through the night - 11-12 hours straight! - a couple times), I still wake up every couple hours to reach over and make sure she's breathing.  I wonder when the constant worry about her breathing will go away.  Hopefully sooner than later or I will end up gray-haired before my time!

Anyway, onto some more cute pictures!

We love you Sydie-girl!


Monday, August 18, 2014

A Big Girl

Miss Syd will be 6 months old on Thursday, say whaa?

I feel like she's getting so big so fast now that it's hard to keep up with her milestones.

Y'all.  She is SO CLOSE to crawling.  We're trying our best to get her first crawl captured on video, but so far, she can just move one knee forward.  When she tries to move the other one, she face plants, haha.  She supports herself completely on all fours, though, and as I've mentioned before, is a champ at rolling every which way.

I'll post her 6 month picture later this week, but for now, here are a couple of cute ones from last weekend.  Note to self: break out the good camera more often!  These were the only ones I got for her whole 6th month.  Stupid iPhone and its stupid convenience! :)

Sitting in her Bumbo.  She still can't sit up completely by herself, and although I'm not a huge fan of this thing, it does have its uses.  But good grief her chunky thighs get stuck in the leg holes which makes getting her out a two person job!  She does like being able to sit up and see everything though.

We tried rice cereal for the first time last weekend and she gobbled it right up.  Now they feed her a few tablespoons of cereal or oatmeal at daycare every morning and say she does great with it.  Maybe I'm alone here but I was NOT excited about starting her on solids.  From what I've read, most people are thrilled to start feeding their babies solids, but not me.  Not because I want her to stay a little baby forever, but because all I can think is MORE DISHES.  Ugh. :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Some additions

Happy Friday y'all!

Tomorrow is the unofficial start of our college football season, so we're heading up the mountain with Sydney in her cute App State cheerleading outfit.  Can't wait to introduce her to our alma mater!

So, last weekend, while Sydney and I were out to lunch with a friend, Steven hit up a local auction and did pretty well!  First, he picked up this free-standing compass.

Brass + wood = love.  Also, isn't that wood inlay chevron frame fab?  I found it at Michael's a while back.

I'm not really sure what this next thing is, but it seems nautical to me.  It's some kind of telescope thing with a compass on the bottom.  Whatever it is, it's cool.

After lunch last Saturday, I hit up Hobby Lobby and found some curtain panels for $15 each.  I picked up two thinking I would use them in the living room because I'm SO tired of the red and brown curtains up there, but they were too thin and just didn't look right.  I was going to take them back, but I figured I would try them in the basement first and I'm glad I did!

Those two windows have been curtain-less since before we put the tile floor down there.  I took them down to wash them and they shrank like crazy so that when I put them back up, they were major high-water curtains!  Note to self: always wash and dry your IKEA curtains before hemming them.

But I think these gray ones add a ton of warmth and bring in some other gray tones we have going on.

So what are you doing this weekend?  Anyone else kicking off football season?  I can't believe it's almost fall but I'm SO HAPPY just thinking about it.  Every now and then these days we'll have a cool breeze that takes me straight to October and I get butterflies in my stomach.  Anyone else crazy excited about falling leaves and pumpkins?!

Friday, August 8, 2014

New Art in the Guest Room

Hello and good Friday to you!

Have you ever heard how hard it is to get a house ready to sell?

Well, I'm here to tell you... it's hard.  For weeks, it seems like there was one project after another that needed to be completed before our house could be put on the market.

Basement stairs finished?  Check.  Outside door trim painted?  Check.  Garage doors caulked?  Check. Master shower scrubbed top to bottom?  Check.  Garage organized?  Check.  And on and on the list went.

One of the little tasks on the to-do was putting something on this blank wall in the guest room.  It has a little spot that was patched, but since we haven't painted this room since we moved in, we didn't have any paint to touch up the patched spot.  So we did what any normal people would do and covered it with art.

Of course, I didn't want to spend any money on this project so I used stuff we already had on hand.  The frames have all lived many lives in our house, but are now sporting pages out of a 2006 Paris calendar.  Yes, I've been saving it that long.  See!  I knew it would come in handy some day.  The Thomas Kincaid Beauty & the Beast art canvas was purchased at Disney World a couple years ago.

I put my favorite vintage fan and non-vintage telephone (from Target, although it broke after only a month of use, so now it's purely decorative) on top of the Craigslist dresser and called it a day.  I think it's an improvement over staring at an empty wall from the guest bed, don't you?

Now if only someone would make an offer...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Months

Our girl was 5 months old on Monday!

...goes to bed around 7:30 without much fuss (!!), but still wakes once or twice during the night.
...sleeps on her tummy with her butt in the air. We put her down on her back but it usually takes less than 10 minutes for her to find her sweet spot on that tummy of hers. starting to prefer a bottle, rather than me, and I'm okay with that.  No solids yet.
...still wears mostly 0-3 month clothes (she's a peanut!), but is starting to fit into some 3-6 month things. much easier to carry now. She supports herself completely and can hold on a little bit.  No more squirmy baby.
...impresses the ladies at daycare with her mad rolling over and scooting skills.  I'm actually surprised she's not crawling yet with how easily she gets around.
...likes to be the center of attention, at least at home.  She gets along fine at daycare, but when we're home, she doesn't really entertain herself.  I think she just gets bored easily.
...drools a lot.  I think that means a tooth might be on its way!
...loves grabbing her feet, especially during diaper changes which makes it difficult.
...hates getting dressed after a bath.  I usually let her roll around naked on the guest bed for a minute, but I'm sure that will backfire all over the comforter one day. :)  It takes two of us to wrestle her into her pajamas, that little wiggle worm!
...has discovered her voice and can be really loud.  She also figured out how to make beat boxing sounds with her mouth, which is hilarious.

I'm starting to worry that she's not going to know what her name is.  I was reading an article that said by 5 months, babies should recognize their name and turn toward you when you're talking.  She does the turning part but I'm pretty sure she doesn't know her name.  It might have something to do with the fact that we never actually call her by her name.  We should really start trying to do that.  Let's see... we call her Girlie, Bunny, Peanut, Niblet, Sydie (that's close, right?), and probably more that I'm forgetting.  Girlie is definitely her #1 nickname though.  We even refer to her as Girlie when we're texting about her during the day (i.e. "I'll pick up Girlie today.").  Please tell me we're not alone in our nicknaming craziness.  We're sorry SYDNEY, we'll try to do better.

Friday, July 18, 2014

a happy color

So, we're selling our house.  I promise to do a post with a whole house tour, not only for you guys, but also so I can remember every inch of this, our first house together.  We have loved this place and I have always been reluctant to leave it, but now that the time has come, I have made my peace with it.  This house is perfect, but not for us.  Having Sydney reinforced that even more.  We want to be in our forever home, the place that she will always remember growing up in, the place our grandkids will have fond memories of, the place that hopefully Sydney will want to live someday, after we're gone.  Or maybe she will have to move in to take care of us in our old age.  Whatever the case may be, this house is not that one.

Anyway, I wanted to give the house a little pick-me-up before our open house the other day, so I shopped the home decor section in the basement (yes, I have one of those, don't you?), and decided to bring in hints of yellow.  Doesn't yellow make people happy?  After all, I want the future owners of our house to be happy here.

Faux forsythia, lemons in a hurricane jar, and my favorite pillow.

I finally feel like our living room is exactly what I want it to be.  Other than some art on the wall to the left of the fireplace, there's nothing I would really change in this room.  I love it just as it is.  Oh, and can I just say our walls are the perfect color?  I'm pretty sure I will be using "Sterling" (by Ben Moore) in our new house.

"Daisies are the friendliest flower." Name that movie.

Oh, and I totally agree.

This little vignette makes me happy.  It's all stuff I've had for ages, but put together this way just feels right.  (Ignore that bottom shelf. I should really get around to styling that one day.)

Ahh, forsythia, green apples and a clock that is an hour behind the times... perfection. :)

It truly is little changes like this that make my heart happy.  And all I had to buy were some daisies and a few lemons.  

(Someone please remind me to throw out the lemons before they make my hurricane all sticky and gross with their leakage.  This wouldn't be the first time I've decorated with lemons and forgotten about them. #mocitrusmoproblems)

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